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    2017 Humblefool Charity Hackathon


    The challenge is finished.
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    Challenge Overview

     This hackathon is in honor of Humblefool: to carry on his legacy and help spread the word about programming across our country. 

    Thus, the broader theme here is programming education.The education industry in our country is still taking in fast-progressing information technology, and this is your chance to think outside of the box and create an app that can really make a difference here.

    The successful and the best applications will be made available to the public and also we will be sponsoring a child's education in Harsha's name. The winners will also have a chance to contribute their prize money towards the same cause.

    For more details and Prizes visit the microsite here.

    Important : You need to be registered on the microsite here to submit here. Otherwise your submission will be not be considered.



    Idea Generation Checkpoint

    Before this checkpoint you to open your minds and submit your idea to us. You are encouraged to be creative about building an application specifically for programming education or around programming education. All you have do is pen down your idea in a doc file and submit to the challenge.

    Submission Deadline : 26th October

    Judging Criteria
    Understanding of the theme
    Impact & feasibility
    Newness and Creativeness

    Submission Guidelines
    Write your idea in a text/doc file zip the file and submit it to the challenge.  
    You will also have to describe how it is solving what you believe to be the pain points of the current system and why you chose your particular platform.


    Design/Prototype Checkpoint

    Before this checkpoint competitors can submit a Design/Prototype of the app.

    Submission Deadline : 16th November

    Judging Criteria
    User Experience

    Submission Guidelines
    Zip the two files mentioned below and submit on the challenge below

    • Submit the image design files and code files(if any) of your planned application
    • A text file with a link to the video describing your design.


    Final Submission Guidelines

    Final Submission Guidelines

    Your Final Submission should be a zip file with three folders/files
    1. Code Files or the link to your github public repository
    2. A text file containing the link to a video describing the application ,explaining the code, platform used, problems faced etc.
    3. A presentation for the judges.

    Final Judging Criteria

    • Innovation (30%) The submission creates an innovative and creative solution to a known problem or creates a new market opportunity using the APIs. Innovation is not strictly about ideas, the submission also executes on the innovative idea.
    • User Friendly (25%) The systems and the UI designed should be user friendly
    • Overall (35%) The submission is easy for end users to use and consume.  The application is complete and usable.Is the submission a high quality submission? Would you use this application?
    • Presentation for Judges (10%)

    Reliability Rating and Bonus

    For challenges that have a reliability bonus, the bonus depends on the reliability rating at the moment of registration for that project. A participant with no previous projects is considered to have no reliability rating, and therefore gets no bonus. Reliability bonus does not apply to Digital Run winnings. Since reliability rating is based on the past 15 projects, it can only have 15 discrete values.
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    Final Review:

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