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It is a very exciting day for kbowerma, I get to run my first firmware challenge. It is a bit of an experiment so please be patient. This challenge will run on the particle.io photon or electron, but you don't need either to compete. You can head over to particle.io signup for an account and launch the web ide. You can paste in the trackertwo.cpp into editor and then hit the plus sign and paste in the trackertwo.h file. Be sure to rename the header file and include it.

The source for this project can be found here

The requirement is fairly straightforward:

  1. 1.  The http request.body in line 72 - 76 is repeated in the gpsPublish() function on line 129-134, break this out into a separate function. It is very ugly and there is much room for optimization. Feel free to use a json library if you can find one.
    2.  The function create above should take in key value pairs or an array and generate the json payload as a string. We will frequently be adding more data here so we will need an easy way to build this payload.

Since this is such a simple task I am going to only run this for 24 hours, and I want to hear your feedback. If it works out well there will be more.

Good luck


Source: Github Issue #1

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  • Upload all your source code as a zip for review
    Winner will be required to submit a pull request with their winning code.


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