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Welcome to the Drone Series - Service Provider B2B Wireframe Challenge! In this challenge, we are looking for your concepts, ideas and wireframe solutions to help plan out our new drone B2B marketplace for Drone Service Providers to perform a variety of tasks.

At the end of this wireframe challenge, we are looking to have a solution that allows us to understand the B2B experience of Service Providers and get the user an enterprise feel of the app!

Round 1

Submit your initial wireframe solution for checkpoint feedbacks
00 Login
01 DSP Marketplace
02 Drone Service Provider Management
03 Drone Operator Management
04 Drone Equipment Management
05 Order Management
06 Service (Task) Planning / Fleet Management

Notes.jpg: Any comments about your design for the Client.

Round 2

Submit final wireframe solution plus checkpoint feedback.
00 Login
01 DSP Marketplace
02 Drone Service Provider Management
03 Drone Operator Management
04 Drone Equipment Management
05 Order Management
06 Service (Task) Planning / Fleet Management
07 Mission Flight Planning
08 Mission Flight Execution
09 Post Flight Management
10 Data Analysis Service Completion
11 Delivery Management
12 Service Management

Notes.jpg: Any comments about your design for the Client.

The Drone Market will be a web platform where service provider can offer services to customers who are requesting it. We want you to focus on the workflow and bringing simple (creative) solutions to how these services will be surfaced to the Service providers.

IMPORTANT Requirements:
- Please see the screens below, we want your help to make sure the pages / layout gives an enterprise feel (B2B).
- Assume the service being requested by the business client as "Aerial Photography"
- Please see the excel sheet to understand the basic flow but below you will lot more features for a drone service provider which need to be created for this wireframe.
- Most of the requirements are open to you guys, so please do research on the concept and give your best!

Wireframe Expectations:
- You should create traditional wireframe call-outs and notes
- Provide us with your interaction and click-path thoughts and suggestions
- Produce HTML click-through wireframes that can be used to demonstrate all mentioned functionalities as required in each round.
- The application must be very easy to use and intuitive. Keep that in mind when create your solution for the layout and flow information.
- You MUST cover all requirements mentioned in challenge details.
- We are accepting invisionapp prototype as well.

Required Pages:
We need below pages to be created in your wireframes. There are two main user types of the B2B platform:
(1) Business Client: A Business Client is an insurance organization, for example!
(2) Service Provider: A Service Provider is a business entity that manages a fleet of drones and/or a set of drone operating subcontractors that perform the services requested.

For this challenge, we will be focussing only on drone service providers - NOTE we are looking for the application to have an enterprise feel!

00 Login
- User will be able login into DSP Marketplace
- User will enter username / password to login
- Please make sure your are not including any social login in this.

01 DSP Marketplace:
- This marketplace will promote B2B applications/market places available on the DSP, which could include “Agriculture, Construction / Pre-Construction, Inspection, Mining, Oil & Gas, Disaster Response, Cargo Delivery, City / Governmental Applications, Insurance (active use case), Maritime Surveillance”
- Need to show / promote what this website has to offer for Drone Service Providers, Drone Operators and Authorities:

Tools & Support for Drone Service Providers
- - - Tools for Fleet Mgmt, Mission Planning, ...
- - - Tools & Services for Drone Safety & Compliance
- - - Professional Network (e.g. search for pilots)
- - - Data Processing & Analytics Tools

Tools & Support for Drone Operators (aka Pilots)
- - - Tools & Checklists for Flight Safety & Drone Ops
- - - Training programs for Pilots

Tools & Support for ATM (Air Traffic Management) authorities

02 Drone Service Provider Management:

- Should be able to add a new service provider
- Allow editing of a service provider
- Should be able to delete a service provider.

03 Drone Operator Management:
- Should be able to add a new drone operator.
- Allow editing of a drone operator 
- Details of the drone operator should include Drone Operator (Pilot) Characteristics: associated projects/missions, flights, flight hours.
- Should be able to delete a operator 
- Should be able to assign a drone operator to a drone service provider and also have ability to de-assign them.

04 Drone Equipment Management:
- Should be able to see a list of drones
- Allow the user to search and filter through these list of drones
- Should be able to add a new drones
- Allow editing of a drones 
- Details of the drone operator should include Drone Characteristics: associated flights, flight hours, maintenance needed?, etc.
- Should be able to delete a drone 
- Should be able to assign a drone to a drone operator and also have ability to de-assign them.

05 Order Management
- Should be able to see list of service requests
- Allow the user to search and filter through these list of service requests
- Should be able to view all service requests 
- Should be able to accept or reject a service request

06 Service (Task) Planning / Fleet Management: 
- View Drone Operator Task List, should be able to search / filter through the list.
- View Fleet Status (activities and availability of drones/drone operators)
- Should be able to Create Drone Operator Task, which involves:
- - - Assigning Drone / Drone Operator to the Mission
- - - Should be able to de-assign Drone/Drone Operator to the Mission.
- - - Transfer Service Request into Drone Operator Task / Mission Plan.
- Have ability to Edit Drone Operator Task
- Delete Drone Operator Task

07 Mission Flight Planning
- Drone operator on receiving the task, will create a flight plan for the mission and submits it to DSP (drone operator functionality is not in scope for this challenge)
- DSP should be able to receive and manage Flight Plans.
- Manage static GeoFences mapped to Flight Plans: A static 4D GeoFence (x-, y-, z-, time dimensions) is calculated around the drone's flight route envelope creating a "polygone" in the x- and y-dimensions plus a z-dimension considering the drone's altitude. The static geofence is stored along with the drone's flight plan in the DSP. It is used for a) display of drone activity situation awareness, b) create flight activity warnings in case other drones reporting their GPS position to the DSP violate (enter) the geofence when being active (scheduled flight plan).
- Get Flight Plan approval from ATC
- Provide and manage Flight Plan Status: Provide status information of flight plan. Flight plan can be of status a) draft (in preparation) b) submitted approval requested c) approval granted d) approval granted with conditions e) approval rejected f) active g) completed"
- Submit approved Flight Plan

08 Mission Flight Execution
- Command and Control Mission: The DSP shall provide the following Mission commands:
a) confirm mission / take-off release
b) Mission abort - go to next emergency landing
c) Mission abort - return to Home
d) Mission alert
e) Mission warning

- Receive mission/flight status: The DSP shall receive the following mission/flight status information:
a) confirm pre-flight checks / ready for take-off
b) confirm airborne
c) confirm ready to land
d) confirm landed
e) cancel, emergency alerts, flight diversions, connectivity lost, …

- Manage ATM warnings based on Drone trajectory tracking and static Geofences: The DSP monitors and tracks the drones' trajectories being actively flying based on their reported flight position. The drones' trajectory is compared with the filed in flight plans (4D geofence). Warnings are raised in case
a) a drone leaves its approved own flight perimeters
b) a drone enters the flight perimeter of another drone

- Manage active Traffic Avoidance using dynamic Drone Geo-Fences: Use dynamic GeoFence around actual drone position; Implement 2-level approach - first level: warning triggered by warning distance, second level: active drone control to ensure drone separation triggered by "separation" distance.
- Submit flight status details to DSP consumers (ATC, Service Provider, Customer)

09 Post Flight Management
- Upload/receive drone data (flight log, flight telemetry)
- Upload/receive drone data (mission data)
- View mission data
- View Flight History
- View Flight Telemetry of a selected Flight

10 Data Analysis Service Completion
- Need a way to analyse the drone data and create a service report for their customers.
- Data Analysis could include: Data Processing and analysis such as creating Orthomosaics, Terrain models, NDVI analysis, 3D models;

11 Delivery Management
- Submit Service Report to DSP
- View Service Report (for quality check)
- Publish/submit Service Report to Business Client

12 Service Management
- User should be able to Monitor progress and location of all drone flights (kind of Real time view of drones)

Target Audience
- Drone Service Provider

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Judging Criteria
- User Experience of the application/portal
- Completeness and accuracy of your wireframes
- How well your wireframes provide a consistent user flow

Submission & Source Files
Preview Image
Please create your preview image as one (1) 1024x1024px JPG or PNG file in RGB color mode at 72dpi and place a screenshot of your submission within it.

Submission File
Wireframes should be built in HTML or Axure or invisionapp prototype. The resulting files are not critical in this challenge. The most important point is that all the content is listed and the pages are linked together to show page flow. Keep your source files out from this submission folder.

Source Files
All original source files of the submitted ideas. If you would like to submit notes please include notes.txt file.

Final Fixes
As part of the final fixes phase you may be asked to modify content or user click paths.

Please read the challenge specification carefully and watch the forums for any questions or feedback concerning this challenge. It is important that you monitor any updates provided by the client or Studio Admins in the forums. Please post any questions you might have for the client in the forums.

Stock Photography

Stock photography is not allowed in this challenge. All submitted elements must be designed solely by you. See this page for more details.

How To Submit

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  • You may submit as many times as you'd like during the submission phase, but only the number of files listed above in the Submission Limit that you rank the highest will be considered. You can change the order of your submissions at any time during the submission phase. If you make revisions to your design, please delete submissions you are replacing.

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