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Welcome to the IMPORTANT - 40HR Ebola Identification iPhone App Design Concepts Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to quickly create a mobile (iPhone!) design concept for an application that will be used to provide information and education about the EBOLA Epidemic!

This application will provide users with educational materials (correct content, photos, videos etc) and the ability to quickly HELP and identify people who might be infected by the virus. We want to be able to provide a mobile educational tool/application to help people from getting infected by this virus!

This FAST Challenge that will run over the next 40 hours. We need to present the results for an IMPORTANT meeting on Monday morning to continue the speed required to not only design this application but to quickly build it and help people all over the world.

This is your chance to use your design skills for an IMPORTANT cause! Your design could be used for this application! JOIN Now!

Please read the challenge specification carefully and watch the forums for any questions or feedback concerning this challenge. It is important that you monitor any updates provided by the client or Studio Admins in the forums. Please post any questions you might have for the client in the forums.

Full Description & Project Guide

Challenge Details
The main goal of this challenge is to take the provided mobile design problem and design a simple, clean iPhone user experience (UX)! Think about a simple, mobile, educational tool that will help users understand and identify EBOLA!

Use Apple's iOS design guidelines and recommendations.

Challenge Timeline and Rolling Checkpoint :
- Challenge Start at 04:00 PM EDT 10/11/14 (Saturday EDT)
- Challenge End at 08:00 AM EDT 10/13/14 (Monday EDT)

Rolling Checkpoint Review ($50)
- Adam Morehead (adroc) will provide a design review if you submit your initial designs by 6PM EDT 10/12/14 (Sunday evening EDT)
- You must watch the forum for your feedback!
- All qualifying checkpoint submissions will win $50

Design Problem 
Mobile Application = Application for General Society to get information and be aware of EBOLA Epidemic!
Application Name(s) = Think of a simple name that would bring awareness to the virus and related to medication, health, prevention etc.

Concept Description:
In Africa there is a vast experience of the Ebola virus and how infected people behave and look like. In the US and Europe, we have significant knowledge about how the virus spreads and how it infects people and most important, what to do to stop the virus before it infects more people. If the knowledge and experience could meet, then it is possible to be more efficient fighting the virus. We do not have the time to set up a "conference" to sort this problem (and jeopardize that the virus spreading even more). We want to utilize the best IT solutions and fill it with content and make it easy to access. A huge risk for the world at the moment is that people and countries will shut down airports and borders to prevent the virus from spreading. The result will be reduced global trade and the world economy will suffer badly.

To be able to do this, the system has to be mobile! Perhaps a smartphone that could be used at an airport, at hospitals or just give "everyone" easy access to the correct information and knowledge about the disease.

Challenge Goals: 
We want to propose a new application that have the following ability :
1 Help diagnose what an Ebola infected persons symptoms would be (provide photos and examples of what to look for)
2. What is not an Ebola infected person (provide photos and examples)
3. How to take precaution not to be infected. (safety rules and "correct" information)
4. How to treat infected people. (safety rules and precautions on how to help)

Logo Inspiration: 
- Use any related "Medication" or "Prevention" items to inspire your logo design
- Think about the shapes and what can bring awareness to the user about this virus epidemic.

Color Palette:
- Open to designers
- Professional colors, simple and colors that are "easy to read"

Design Inspiration: "Emergency Health/Alert + Education"
- This application should be easy to use and read
- User should be interested to download it and quickly learn about the EBOLA Virus
- Note this design could be used for other types of "Global Health ALERTS"

Mobile Storyboards - Portrait View
- Design screens for iPhone 5 portrait display (640 x 1136)
- Assume this is native iOS application - users will download this application!
- We only need 7 screens in this challenge - so pick/design the key features of this application. You can create alternative screens to the one's listed.
- This challenge likely very similar with "LUX" challenge, so the “concepts” you propose really helps the presentation

Suggested Screens:
00) Application Logo
- Create a simple logo for your application
- Something simple and clean that doesn't distract from your screen designs
- This application is more about the UX the the logo - so make sure to spend the most time on the UX

00) Navigation Solution
- Please design a navigation solution that would be easy for the user. It must be easy for them to navigate from checking information about the virus and doing preliminary checking in other screens! 
- Users should be able to:
* Search content!
* View Videos film with instructions about EBOLA virus and it's related information.
* See and doing personal checklists in user daily live to prevent EBOLA virus infect them.
* Find Reference information related to EBOLA virus.
* Check people that might be at risk and that not get infected.

1) Splash Screen
- Design a logo for this application and an engaging opening landing/loading page for your application concept.
- Quick screen that able to introduce the application purpose. 
- User should be interested to download it and quickly learn about the EBOLA Virus
- Note this design could be used for other types of "Global Health ALERTS"

2) Dashboard Screen
What makes sense to be on the dashboard? (KEEP IT SIMPLE)
- Quick navigation to identify EBOLA symptoms and details
- Big video area/library to open videos about ebola virus information? 
- Latest news in EBOLA virus spreads around US/Europe (maps??)
- What would be engaging when you first open this application?
- Checklist of things to be aware of?
- Access to camera to quickly take photos to be sent for doctors view?
- A part of the screen that showing information how to treat EBOLA patients? 
- Links, contact form or dial phone number to get help from local government officials?

3) Video Screen
Some ideas:
- Gallery of videos thumbnails that showing list of video information about EBOLA virus.
- Short description and title about the videos? Dates of release? etc.
- Buttons to start the videos? when it's clicked it will open another screen, or expand the videos or open the videos in modal window?
- Share video to social media to bring more awareness and share knowledge about EBOLA virus?
- Anything else?

4) Prevention Checklist Screen
- Application will provides checklist of the most important things to know and learn. 
- This could be interactive - quick way to learn about all the symptoms and what "to do"
- Needs ability for the user to checked the list (marked as done).
- Chart of checklist progress in range timeline (daily, weekly, monthly)?

5) Search + Details Information Screen
- Application will provides list of latest articles about EBOLA news. User can see news based on categories, Latest news, Archive, Top Information.
- Not just news, it should also provides information about "How to take precaution not to be infected" and "How to treat infected people" (can be in a new screens?)
- Social? This might be something a user would need to turn on to bring more impact for EBOLA awareness.
- Anything else come to mind?

6) Preliminary EBOLA Identification
- This screen should provides easy navigation and UX for user to capture infection details
- Provide checklist of things to look for in a potential EBOLA victims - provide a top 10 list for now
- If user checked more than a half of the list, provide some indication/sign ( like colors change in the screens) that indicates the identification is positive EBOLA.
- Access to camera to capture EBOLA suspect photos? 
- Ability to add personal information of the EBOLA patients?
- Ability to add some notes regarding some identification process?
- Ability to send this identification to official for further investigation?
- Show result of the identification (prediction!!).
- Anything else come to mind?

7) EXTRA: Anything else you think is important for this application?
- When you are thinking about how this application can HELP - anything come to mind that we haven't thought about?

Design Considerations 
- Focus on the design being a great mobile experience - the application should be designed for iPhone (use iOS standards!! - its preferred in this challenge)
- Give importance to the overall layout and think on how a user would interact with the content on the page.

Target Audience:
- Everyone! The world! Lets help educate/help everyone on EBOLA!

Judging Criteria
- How well you design the mobile application concept!
- Cleanliness of your graphics and design.
- Design and User Experience.

Submission & Source Files
Preview Image
Create your preview image as one (1) 1024x1024 JPG or PNG file in RGB color mode at 72dpi and place a screenshot of your submission within it.

Submission File
Please upload PNG images in a zip file with all requested contest requirements stated above. Number your files (01, 02, 03, etc) this will help review them in order.

Source Files
All original source files of the submitted design. Files should be created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and saved as layered PSD/AI files. 

Final Fixes
As part of the final fixes phase you may be asked to modify your graphics (sizes or colors) or modify overall colors.

How To Submit

  • New to Studio? ‌Learn how to compete here.
  • Upload your submission in three parts (Learn more here). Your design should be finalized and should contain only a single design concept (do not include multiple designs in a single submission).
  • If your submission wins, your source files must be correct and “Final Fixes” (if applicable) must be completed before payment can be released.
  • You may submit as many times as you'd like during the submission phase, but only the number of files listed above in the Submission Limit that you rank the highest will be considered. You can change the order of your submissions at any time during the submission phase. If you make revisions to your design, please delete submissions you are replacing.

Winner Selection

Submissions are viewable to the client as they are entered into the challenge. Winners are selected by the client and are chosen solely at the client's discretion.

Reliability Rating and Bonus

For challenges that have a reliability bonus, the bonus depends on the reliability rating at the moment of registration for that project. A participant with no previous projects is considered to have no reliability rating, and therefore gets no bonus. Reliability bonus does not apply to Digital Run winnings. Since reliability rating is based on the past 15 projects, it can only have 15 discrete values.
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Your Design Files:

  1. Look for instructions in this challenge regarding what files to provide.
  2. Place your submission files into a "Submission.zip" file.
  3. Place all of your source files into a "Source.zip" file.
  4. Declare your fonts, stock photos, and icons in a "Declaration.txt" file.
  5. Create a JPG preview file.
  6. Place the 4 files you just created into a single zip file. This will be what you upload.

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Fonts, Stock Photos, and Icons:

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  • Layered PSD files created in Adobe Photoshop or similar
  • AI files created in Adobe Illustrator or similar

You must include all source files with your submission.