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Challenge Overview

We are excited to start utlizing a module which integrates Swagger API documentation with NodeJS called a127 which was created by Apigee.  a127 adds automatic routing and API validation from Swagger documentation.  The serenity-discussion-api repository was scaffolded using a127.  Please read more about a127 here: https://github.com/apigee-127/a127-documentation/wiki

In this challenge please start with our github repository and implement the API which is documented in Swagger.  https://github.com/topcoderinc/serenity-discussions-api.  Please look at the readme file for details about how setup the repo and coding guidenance.  I created a video with details of what to implement:  http://monosnap.com/file/OaKiMUQQKTzAKextzDWQSJjjvZGWyz

  • Use the existing swagger documentation and implment API using existing structure
  • Implement Mocha Tests
  • Add Postman or swagger example objects
  • Add migration scripts per readme

Final Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit as a zip file or a pull request against the GitHub repository.
  • Please submit deploy and config setup instructions
  • Please document how to run tests


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