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"Lets JIVE!"

That is a pretty cool sentence isn't it? There is a small problem with it though. We don't know how to Jive! We know Jive exists. We know Jive is a platform and supports app and plugin development. But we don't know WHAT we can do with it or HOW to do it. This is where we need your help!

Our client is a crowdsourcing community very similar to Topcoder, but not Topcoder. This company would like to build a JIVE application which will allow users logged into JIVE to view assorted information related to their challenges.


Build an application or plugin in Jive. This application should support the following features:

  • Login (oAuth)
  • Display a list of challenges

That's it! Just two features! We also need you to provide detailed documentation on your solution since we are performing this as an exercise in creating Jive applications and plugins. 

Your documentation should include the folling information:

  • Languages used in development
  • Explain how the front end is developed (is it HTML or some other markup language? Can we use CSS and Javascript?)
  • How is the application developed? (IDE recommendations, special tools needed)
  • How is the application deployed? (Step by step deployment guide is REQUIRED)

Getting the Data

We have set up a server with a replica of the customers REST API. It is currently returning dummy data. You can use this to handle the authentication and grabbing the challenge information.

Information on this REST server will be posted to the forums.

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit soure code and documentation to Topcoder Online Review.

If possible, please grant access to a Jive environment for us to test functionality.


Topcoder will compensate members in accordance with our standard payment policies, unless otherwise specified in this challenge. For information on payment policies, setting up your profile to receive payments, and general payment questions, please refer to ‌Payment Policies and Instructions.


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