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HP IDOL OnDemand Jeopardy Game

Hewlett Packard has developed a set of JSON-based REST API’s which enable both conceptual and parametric text search capabilities.  As a demonstration of this functionality, HP is going to host a Jeopardy-like competition on the [topcoder] platform.  In this game, the competitors will be developing code, algorithms, and indexes to maximize their chances of answering questions correctly about certain topics.  In this challenge, we’ll be developing a template for the client application – “the Answer Service” which the arena will interrogate in order to determine the answers to the questions in the game.  Each competitor in the Jeopardy game will be provided with this template as a starting point for the competition so that they can focus on developing data and algorithms to answer questions rather than the mechanics of making API calls or parsing JSON requests. This platform is called IDOL OnDemand and at this point is in the Early Access release phase, open for all Innovators to use.


HP IDOL OnDemand Jeopardy Answer Service

The IDOL OnDemand Jeopardy Answer Service will be a basic Java web application that processes simple JSON requests and provides responses.  It will also provide some sample code for executing searches against the IDOL On Demand platform using the Find Similar and Query Text Index IDOL OnDemand API calls.  Detailed requirements can be found in the attached requirements specification.

Final Submission Guidelines

Detailed requirements can be found in the attached requirements specification.

1. You should use Java for this web application.

2. Please include a pom.xml file and build your application with Maven

3.  Provide a video of your submission in action

4. Write a guide on how to build your submission.

5. Please provide your submission as a zip that includes a .war file that can be deployed to an Application Server such as Tomcat.

6. Please provide a text file called submission.txt in the root directory of your submission that contains a link to your screen sharing video.


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