HP IDOL OnDemand Business Card Reader - Salesforce Integration Interface

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Hewlett Packard has developed a set of JSON-based REST API’s which enable “Big Data”-type processing capabilities allowing developers to process information embedded in unstructured text and images in previously inaccessible formats.  This platform is called IDOL OnDemand and at this point is in the Early Access release phase, open for all Innovators to use.  


As a proof of concept for the API’s, you’re going to help build an important piece of a mobile web application that reads business cards and stores the data in Salesforce.com.  There is a design challenge in progress to create the front-end for this web application.  This challenge will generate part of the back-end framework responsible for processing the image data captured and managing the interactions with the Salesforce.com platform.  We’re not interested in appearances here.  This challenge is all about getting the API calls working.

  1. Developing a business logic interface that acts as an internal facade for the various API calls required by this application.
  2. Creating a JUnit test suite to validate the expected functionality.
  3. The application will execute the following SOAP-based API calls to interact with SFDC:
    1. Login to Salesforce.com and get a Session Id
    2. Query for Account
    3. Insert Account
    4. Insert Contact
    5. Insert Lead
    6. Insert Attachment
    7. Query for a list of Contacts
    8. Query for a list of Leads
    9. Query for a list of attachments related to Contacts or Leads.


Final Submission Guidelines

Detailed software guidelines are provided as attachments, but some generalized guidelines about submitting your entry are covered here:

  • Submit a .war, .jar or .zip file with your code.  Please include all necessary libraries and dependencies to build and run your project.  Include ant build.xml files or maven pom files etc…
  • Written documentation for your submission
  • Video with a screenshare of your code in action

Employees and direct and indirect subcontractors of Hewlett-Packard Company and its subsidiaries and other affiliates (“HP”), and employees and direct and indirect subcontractors of HP’s partners (including TopCoder and its affiliates) are not eligible to participate in the challenge.


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