Automate Create-Edit-Delete Contact in various Gmail groups other than the default group -Other Contacts- using Java APIs

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Challenge Overview


Automate Create/Edit/Delete Contact in various Gmail groups other than the default group(Other Contacts) using Java APIs.


The objective is to create/edit/search/delete Contacts in Gmail in groups, like ‘My Contacts’, ‘Most Contacted’ or any other custom group, like ‘College Buddies’,  created by the user. This should be done using the Java APIs. This process should be fully automated and no human intervention should be needed.

No UI Automation please.


Test Steps:

1. Using the API, login to GMail

2. Create a Contact in Gmail in some group (other than default group ‘Other Contacts’)

3. Edit a Contact

4. Delete a Contact

Important Notes:

1. We need a solution that uses Java APIs

2. The solution should be completely automated, no manual intervention should be required during the complete process except for starting it.


Submit a zip file that should include the following:

- java source files (the Java Eclipse project)

- a jar file that should contain the compiled classes from the source files mentioned above

- Please do not use Ant, Maven, Netbeans or any other tools

Final Submission Guidelines

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