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    Challenge Overview

    1. Project Overview

    The EPA is a U.S. federal government agency devoted to safeguarding the environment. One of the EPA's great concerns is the profileration of cyanobacterial harmful blooms (cyanoHABs) in the nation's lakes. The following resources provide information on what cyanoHABs are and how they threaten the environment.

    The TopCoder project on cyanoHABs aims to develop an algorithm that will be deployed in an Android app with mapping and data visualization capabilities. The app will inform local and federal policy makers about locations where bloom events are likely to occur, allowing them to concentrate their efforts in those areas.


    2. Contest Overview

    We recently concluded the first part of this protoype conversion assembly and have developed more than half of the screens. The goal of this contest is to use the already built prototype as base and develop the remaining screens and complete the full app.

    The purpose of this prototype conversion contest is to create a working skeleton of the EPA Android mobile app that fits to the storyboard graphical design.

    This mobile app comprises of a single user role. All the functionalities are available in the wireframes and storyboards. Please make sure to implement each of them.

    enlightened The implementation must be a native application, even though the prototype screens are provided in images. Native controls must be used wherever possible.


    Following screens need to be implemented as a part of this application:

    04 My Location 01                                           

    04 My Location 02_Search Function

    05 Comparison 01

    05 Comparison 02_Statistic 01

    05 Comparison 03_Statistic 02

    05 Comparison 04_Blooming Chart

    05 Comparison 05_Week Select

    06 Notification 01

    06 Notification 02_Details

    07 Analysis 01

    07 Analysis 02_Detail

    08 Help 01_Category

    08 Help 02_Topics

    08 Help 03_Details

    We would also like you to make the following updates to the existing assembly:

    - When and where the keyboard of the phone is to be used, it does not hide itself. Need to fix it
    - Also, the geographic coordinates popup does not hide itself, which stays even when you change screen -- so when you go back you can see it lingering.
    - Map function is missing. Please implement map.
    - Click notes and try to add some. It says Android app has stopped working. Though it actually doesn't stop. Need to fix this.
    - 03 Location Detail 04_Photo 05_Details is not implemented.
    - On 03 Location Detail 04_Photo 04_Location Map, see at bottom, the date function and google earth button does not work.
    - When you press download for photos, it gives a pop over with a list of files. To enter file name, you need key board. Once you open keyboard, the save/cancel buttons hide behind them. Neither keyboard hides automatically nor we can hide the popup. Becomes very messy there. Please fix these issues.
    - 03 Location Detail 05_Prediction: the page is just an  image. There should be changes at least for today and later.
    - 03 Location Detail 06_Chart 01, 03 Location Detail 06_Chart 02, 03 Location Detail 06_Chart 03 : Only the menu changes for these three pages. The chart is dummy image. The front-end library for charts should be added. The values can be dummy which comes from backend but we should have a functional chart.
    - 03 Location Detail 01 is just a static page with no implementation. Please implement them
              - The carousal is not functional.
              - Clicking on the above map does not take you to map details of that marker.
              - No function showing satellite change between MERIS and Cyano.
              - Clicking on any image in the carousal does not take to image detail.
    - In the settings tab, when you try to slide the slider button, the screen also slides many times. Need to fix this.
    - On the home page, in the bottom center -  "hide all" button is not functional.


    3. Technology Overview

    1. The target platform is Android.

    2. We want to support Android Version 4.1 to 4.4.

    3. You are allowed to use any supporting and open source libraries. Please celarly document use of all such libraries.

    4. Use of  PhoneGap is NOT is allowed.


    enlightened  Tip for Success: Start early and ask in forums promplty when in doubt.


    4. Documentation Provided

    The following documents have been provided in the forums. You wil be able to access it after registration:

    Base Assembly ( Part 1 Submission)



    Conceptualzation Document

    Please Note: For Section 508 compliance, this contest must follow the accessibility rules provided here:  http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/accessibility/index.html

    Final Submission Guidelines

    The purpose of this prototype conversion contest is to create a working skeleton of the Android mobile app that fits to the storyboard graphical design. The prototype will build the UI without touching the business logic, and it will be used as input for the next assembly contests which will build the business logic. The attached storyboards and wireframes show the screens remaining for this application, which you will create for this contest.

    The earlier prototype, wireframes and storyboard should be the main items used to help complete the assembly. Please submit all the required files to the online review tool.

    Reliability Rating and Bonus

    For challenges that have a reliability bonus, the bonus depends on the reliability rating at the moment of registration for that project. A participant with no previous projects is considered to have no reliability rating, and therefore gets no bonus. Reliability bonus does not apply to Digital Run winnings. Since reliability rating is based on the past 15 projects, it can only have 15 discrete values.
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