Applause Competitive Analysis: Compare Up to 5 Apps (part I - UI only)

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Challenge Overview

  1. Develop a landing page (UI-1) that will show list of apps (up to 5)
    • Follow the wireframe here for the UI essentials
    • Ability to remove an app from the compare table
    • Display Applause.com Score per app
    • Display logo and name at the top that will be a hyperlink
    • If users add 2 apps then the gridview should display two columns for the app. ��We don���t want any place holder for 5 apps unless they are added.
    • When users search and add additional app, UI should prompt users that they are not allowed to add more than 5 apps.
  2. Develop a search page (UI-2) that will display in a modal window when clicked on ���Add Apps��� in UI-1
    • Search results UI to open in a modal window according to the wireframe
    • Ability to search by keywords that will search against app name, and description
    • Ability to sort by app name, score and price
    • Either pagination or more apps option as users scroll
    • Ability to search and add app
    • Validation: Users should not be able to add more than 5 apps
    • Validation: If already added app shows up in search, indicate that its already in the list with either [Added] or [Remove] option. ��If we provide remove then it provides users ability to swap out apps without too many clicks.
  3. Develop on Heroku platform with any HTML technology (we do prefer AngularJS but don���t be afraid select your own technology)
  4. Provide detail documentation so that participants can easily take this solution and work on the next challenge.
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