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Clone the IODocs github repo and create a documentation and testing interface (using the IODoc instructions) for each API call for our site.��

Virtually all of our site is exposed as a REST API with JSON. For instance, to get a list of open challenges, just append .json to the end of the URL. So for a list of open challenges you would use: http://www.cloudspokes.com/challenges.json.��To search for challenges by keyword, use: http://www.cloudspokes.com/challenges.json?keyword=quiz. There are multiple variations for most URLs so you will have to investigate the site for discover them.

Host your IODocs application on heroku or Cloud Foundry for the world to see.��


Topcoder will compensate members in accordance with our standard payment policies, unless otherwise specified in this challenge. For information on payment policies, setting up your profile to receive payments, and general payment questions, please refer to ‌Payment Policies and Instructions.


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