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The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

This is the HARD 1000 Points Competition

Now let's build a portal that allows us to see the challenges that copilots create and also lets members register.

What do you need to do in this Hard challenge?

In this challenge, create a Portal Application and Power Virtual Agent. This application will be used by the topcoder community for registering challenges and to contact support using Power Virtual Agent.

The portal application will have 2 pages: 1. Shows a list of challenges from the dataverse. 2. Show challenge details with the register button.

Register button functionality: When a user clicks on the register button, an email should be sent to the user's email account. This functionality should be implemented using power automation and link with the portal's register button. 

Also, text and color should be changed to Unregister and red respectively and when the user clicks on unregister button it should change color to blue and text to register (Use bootstrap CSS because it's natively supported in portals)

Steps:  1. Create Portal Application “Topcoder Community Application” from Apps Tab. 2. Challenge List should have Title and Total Price columns (Hint: Create a new view). When the user clicks on the challenge, it should navigate to the challenge details page. All the details should be filled dynamically from the dataverse. 3. Implement Button functionality. 4. Create a new Power Automate App named “Notify Challenge Registration” as a solution for sending emails as we have done in the previous challenge. The payload will be


  "title": "",

  "email": "",

  "individual_requirements": ""


The title, email and individual requirements should be filled from the portal using liquid syntax.

The email subject will be the challenge title and the email body will have the following text: Congratulations for registering!

⁠Its individual requirements are as follows:

⁠individual_requirements list

Power Virtual Agent:

We are going to use Power Virtual Agent for creating a support system. In support, we are going to handle 2 scenarios:

  1. Reset password: The user should get an email with the heading text “Reset Password” and email body text “Your password is successfully reset”. 

  2. Get a challenge list: The bot should show all the challenges from the dataverse as a numbered list.


  1. Create Power Virtual Agent “Support Chatbot”  in an existing solution.

  2. Check the website/view to see the flow of the power virtual agent. Type support and it will start the chatbot.

  1. For sending email, create a new Power Automate “Reset Password” with the email heading “Reset password” and the email body “Your password is successfully reset!”

  2. For getting a challenge list from dataverse use Power Automate “Get Challenge List”.

  3. Add chatbot to the portal application.

Demo Videos:

Submission Deliverables: 

You must follow this submission folder structure for your scoring:

  • Create everything in a solution and export it as an unmanaged solution. This solution will be exported as a zip. Rename it to your topcoder handle name and upload it.

    Note: Make sure you import in your environment and check if it's successfully imported so that there is no issue when reviewing.**
    For Portals and Canvas you cannot include in the solution so make sure you share at achaudhari@tc-skillbuilder.com

Also provide your email in txt file so that if reviewers have issues seeing your portal and canvas apps, the reviewer might contact you.

Resources: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/data-platform/export-solutions

  • Create a folder with “hard” as the folder name then zip.

  • You are required to screen record a video of all the functionality you built in this challenge. Upload the video on your google drive and share the link in a text file that you will place in the “hard” folder.

  • Zip that “hard” folder and submit to the challenge.

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