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Challenge Overview

This is the EASY 250 Points Competition.

Your task in this challenge is to understand the basics of Microsoft Power Apps and create a database for the application that we are creating to view and manage challenges

What do you need to do in this Easy challenge?

In this challenge, create a Dataverse (database) for the power apps. 

  1. Create a solution named “TopcoderSB”
  2. Create a custom publisher named “topcoder” with the prefix “tc”
  3. Create a dataverse table in the solution.
  4. Create a new view “Challenge Details” and include all the columns created in step 3. Make this view the default view.
  5. Create a new form “Challenge Details Form” of type “Main” and include all the columns created in step 3.
  6. Add records in the table (at least 3 records)

The schema for the dataverse is: Table Name: Challenges

Schema Name: Challenges

Primary Column: Title

Column NameColumn TypeRequired
Technology StackTextareaYes
Individual RequirementsTextareaYes
Final Submission GuidelinesTextareaYes
Price1Whole NumberYes
Price2Whole NumberYes
Total PriceWhole NumberNo

- Note: 

  • TotalPrice should be automatically calculated based on Price1 and Price2 using the calculate option in the column.
  • You can change the schema as per your requirement but make sure the final app works successfully with all the functionality mentioned in the next challenges.

Demo Videos:

Submissions Deliverables

You must follow this submission folder structure for your scoring:

  • Create a folder with “easy” as the folder name then zip.

  • You are required to screen record a video of all the functionality you built in this challenge. Upload the video on your google drive and share the link in a text file that you will place in the “easy” folder.

  • You are also required to submit all the code you have written for this challenge. Create a “source” folder and put it inside the easy folder (only if applicable)

  • Zip that “easy” folder and submit to the challenge.

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Host Challenge: https://www.topcoder.com/challenges/b48f288b-5b3b-4519-a46a-47f5ec75eaea

Easy: 250 Points. Challenge Link: https://www.topcoder.com/challenges/2d472755-a3bb-4a20-9504-d2c1e99994e5 This challenge:

Medium: 500 Points. Challenge Link: https://www.topcoder.com/challenges/c529e1b5-2bcd-45f1-893e-af82e67a360b

Hard: 1000 Points. Challenge Link: https://www.topcoder.com/challenges/2ef33e94-23d9-4b97-a33f-874f64841c3c


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