Designing footwear and apparel is a business of trial and error. Customers have options and aren’t afraid to trade in their brand loyalty if a product disappoints. Brands have embraced face-to-face focus groups, snail mail surveys, phone calls and social media platforms to collect product feedback and apply the findings to future products - anything that helps develop a product that customers will love.

MESH01 provides a powerful co-creation site where avid consumers can test and evaluate new products before they come to the market. For industry-leading brands, MESH01 is a valuable resource that expedites product innovation and reduces risk to ensure successful product launches. In addition to product testing, MESH01 also connects brands with a global designer community to explore new ideas and supplement their own in-house team to meet growing product demands.

Before working with MESH01, brand customers commonly have had poorly coordinated interactions with testing communities and a sluggish process for collecting feedback. The cumbersome series of steps cripples valuable feedback when it’s not analyzed in time to make product adjustments. MESH01’s interactive environment - Product Testing- was built to overcome these challenges and help companies discover product strengths and flaws well before products reaches consumers.


MESH01 decided to improve connections between brands, designers and product testers by investing in a new Product Testing platform. The company’s existing .NET stack was inflexible and MESH01 needed to re-architect the platform before key meetings with new brands. Because user experience is critical to the platform’s success, MESH01 wanted to use cutting edge technology.With a target go-live of just three months, MESH01 sought out a cost-effective and agile development solution to accommodate new and dramatically expanded product requirements.

MESH01 turned to TopCoder to create a new way for its brand clients to interact with targeted testing communities. TopCoder scoped the solution's development and design according to MESH01’s desire to use advanced technologies. The architecture called for a blend of AngularJS, Node, Heroku and MongoDB. As these technologies have become wildly popular, the availability of developers with necessary skills to build the platform was both scarce and expensive.

A TopCoder architect was able to break down the development into more than 130 challenges and crowdsourced the platform during the course of three months. More than 100 developers from 20 countries engaged with the MESH01 work and helped complete the Product Testing platform.

How to Build an App with Crowdsourcing from Appirio


-- Just as the MESH01 Wear Test platform empowers brands with information that their products in development will hit the mark, the crowdsourcing model of TopCoder allowed MESH01 to make faster decisions that delivered on their business needs

-- Architecture: AngularJS, Node, MongoDB, Heroku

-- Cost savings: If we compare this to traditional consulting, the project was completed at 30% of the traditional labor cost. When compared against a hybrid off-shore team, we came out at 45% of the cost.

-- Time savings: Project finished at less than half of the time originally expected.