Most companies have a laundry list of projects that need to get done but they do not have the resources to complete them or even get them started. Humana was strapped for resources when trying to kick off a project that would allow them to better compete in a coveted pharmaceutical service market. They turned to the TopCoder community to re-vamp their site which had fallen behind industry standards. After 12 weeks worth of project contests, the customer had an innovative ASP.NET application that delivered an impact where they needed it most, to their customers.


TopCoder delivered an ASP.NET application serving the South Florida region. The TopCoder output integrates with an existing web service the customer had previously built and also with Google Maps. The solution allows retail customers to locate and learn about their pharmacy location options as well as to renew prescriptions online in a user-friendly, intuitive manner. With innovation in online services surging, TopCoder was able to deliver the customer a highly effective solution at a 30% reduction to their estimated internal cost.


-- This solution provides a much needed service to pharmacy customers at a relatively low cost.

-- Seamless integration with existing web service and Google Maps.

-- Provided an innovative solution providing the customer’s pharmaceutical services a much needed digital upgrade.