Brivo Labs



The idea of connecting a physical space with your social profile through the use of an application may seem far off in the future to many individuals, but to Brivo Labs the future is now.

Like many emerging industries, Brivo Labs, an Internet of Things company, had the ideas but lacked access to talent that could bring those ideas to market. Brivo Labs explored several traditional development models like outsourcing and hiring in-house developers before looking to topcoder and crowdsourcing. The decision to work with topcoder was a simple one– the crowd would make it possible for Brivo Labs to create products quickly and efficiently, without spending money on additional resources.


Brivo Labs looked at topcoder’s crowdsourcing model as a way to provide new and innovated products in a more traditional space of access control. Using the talented topcoder community, Brivo Labs was able to create and launch their website, Social Access Management (SAM) API, and more than four other proof of concepts.

With the help of a TopCoder architect, Brivo Labs launched over 35 challenges and smaller “bug races” within a 6-month timeframe. More than 100 topcoder developers submitted solutions to help Brivo Labs create their SAM API and OKDoor application.


-- By employing topcoder’s crowdsourcing community, Brivo Labs delivered innovative and creative products such as OKDoor, a Google Glass integration app, within half the time of traditional resources

-- Skill Areas: Web APIs, JavaScript, Salesforce, single sign on (SSO), and mobile/device integration

-- Cost savings: Compared to traditional consulting, this project was completed at a 40% cost savings

-- Time savings: Project was finished within 6 months, compared to years with in-house developers