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You + GE: Our Newest [topcoder] Design Challenge is Huge!

By cloudspokes In Uncategorized

Posted July 26th, 2014


Yes, you read the title right! [topcoder] is partnering with GE for an amazing mobile and web design challenge! It’s going to be fun and fast as GE wants to see your imagination at work!

You may or may not know that GE has a long history of embracing open innovation and doing incredible work through contributors from around the globe. Now, it’s your turn!

GE is looking for brand new design concepts that will allow them to both showcase their existing open innovation library and welcome in new solvers and contributors to any of their ongoing challenges. They are seeking your creativity and bold designs as they look to completely re-imagine the mobile and web design interfaces.

And there’s one more BIG thing: this is a LUX [topcoder] challenge.

If you haven’t yet participated in a [topcoder] LUX challenge, here’s why you should!

  • Bigger prizes
  • More payouts
  • Opportunity to dazzle Fortune 500 executives with your design and creativity

LUX stands for Live UX, and it’s a special design-focused challenge we run while we are live on-site at an event! They are fast, they are fun, and they are competitive!

For this LUX challenge, we are live on-site with GE at their Digital Summit in New York City. In front of 300+ GE executives and directors, we will showcase your designs and creativity that come out of this LUX6 challenge!

We know you’ll bring good things to life by letting your imagination get to work on this LUX challenge for GE! Now, let’s show them what we can do. Good luck and have fun with this great design challenge!

Register for the LUX6 GE Challenge here. Registration opens at 1:00 pm ET on July 26.

Explore the LUX6 Forum here.