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WWDC 2015 – Day 2 Recap

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted June 10th, 2015

So, after a memorable Day 1 of WWDC15, which grabbed headlines all over the world, it was time to get down to business for day 2. Developers are a nasty species – show them something new and they’ll get after you until you show them how they can build apps around it.

Therefore, it was no surprise that Day 2 was all about loads of interesting sessions on iOS9, OS X El Capitan and watch OS2. Apart from the sessions, Apple opens up a number of labs to allow developers to schedule consultation sessions with their experts for user interface design, App Store, iOS development, OS X development and several more.

Since Apple NDA restricts all session content from being published, so while I can’t share the specifics, there’s a ton of exciting developments coming in the next few weeks.

Swiftly Yours!

I stuck around at a few Swift 2.0 sessions, which covered several new features in the language, focused on migration strategies for existing Swift 1.2 apps and lastly an awesome session on how to integrate Swift 2.0 into your existing Objective-C project.

By my own honest admission, I’ve been more of an Objective-C guy as I wasn’t impressed with all the evolutionary changes as Swift went to 1.0 and then from 1.1 to 1.2 and so on. However, I really like the new look Swift 2.0 and I’m already exploring the language in all seriousness for last couple of days ☺

Watchfully Yours!

I have to admit that I’m an IoT freak – I have a Pebble, a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and I keep experimenting a lot trying to build some cool things in spare time. Therefore, apart from Swift, I attended a few sessions related to Apple Watch development and the initial impressions look fascinating.

I love the way the new watchOS allows improved pairing and interaction between the watch and the phone.

Parties! Parties! And More!

I’m not much of a party animal but if you’re at WWDC, there are some awesome parties, which you simply can’t afford to miss. I visited the ones at LinkedIn and Xamarin today and it was good fun to interact with fellow developers and share each other’s experiences.

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Day 3 coming up next!