January 13, 2021 When This Covid-19 Pandemic is Over Checking in on Yoki from Indonesia

Where are you from and what is the Covid situation in your country right now?
I’m from Indonesia and the Covid situation is getting worse here. New cases keep increasing while many people are already bored with the situation and are not following the safety protocol.

What were the major changes/challenges in your daily life during this crisis? (As pertaining to work, family, free time, etc.)
I’ve been working remotely for ten years so it doesn’t affect my daily work too much. Difficulty meeting up with friends and family, overshadowed with fears, and so much sad news about people you know passing away due to Covid are the most heartbreaking situations.

Is your work at home life affected by any family members living at home? Spouse, children, pets?
Hahahaha definitely! I have two daughters, six and two y.o, when they get into a fight I wish I worked in a quiet and more peaceful place :))

Did you discover any new hobby/ passion during this period?
Yeah, I started learning construction a bit, and definitely learned some design apps like prototype, webflow, blender; this keeps me challenged.

Was there a place you planned to travel that you couldn’t make it to?
TCO 🙁 , to meet with all TC members and staff! TCO is always a special moment in my life.

Did you use your experience as a remote worker to help others (friends, family) to cope with the new reality?
Ah yes, I started a small design studio with some team members who just finished high school and can’t afford to go on to higher education. My goal is just to share my knowledge and at least give them a place to get monthly income to help their family in this situation.

What did you learn during Covid that will improve your life after?
Everybody is in a tough situation these days, but if we can teach them to keep motivated, never give up, and believe in something good, we can make the world a better place for everybody. If you have good will, and do your best to make it happen in a good way, it will end up good no matter how long it takes.

How do you think the future will change after Covid ends at a global level? 
Covid ends? Hmm, I never thought about it and I think it will take years to end. Humans will try to survive in every way, new technologies arise to help make human life easier, many conventional businesses shifted into digital, and maybe there will be a technology to detect or scan viruses in the future.


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