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What's New at Topcoder: October, 2015

By bcwright In Uncategorized

Posted October 15th, 2015


Get ready for some great new changes! We’ve been hard at work preparing some new features and a new UI update for the community, and we’re excited to share a preview of what you can expect in the coming weeks. Also, get the latest updates about TCO15 and TCO16, and check out a new program called Swiftoberfest!

Process & Platform Updates

  • We’ve been working hard to improve our infrastructure, refresh our design, and create valuable and engaging experiences. You’ll start seeing these changes shortly in upcoming releases. Read this blog post to get a sneak peek and learn more about the changes coming to your profile, dashboard, navigation, and other important areas of the site!

Community & Challenge Updates

  • Swiftoberfest is finally here! Learn more about how you can win cash and fun prizes while sharpening your Swift/iOS skills through dozens of new design and development challenges.
  • TCO15 Design Finals: Congratulations to our new UI Design Champion, [h]abedavera[/h]! He is not new to the championship though as this is his FOURTH title! Congratulations to our first-ever TCO Prototype Champion, [h]dileepa[/h]! Check out all the photos from our TCO15 UI Design & Prototype Finals in Indonesia event here.
  • Our TCO15 Finals are taking place November 8 – 10, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana and we’ve got a $5,000 Hackathon happening for attendees! If you’re local, definitely register and check it out! Free for all Topcoder members and you will get a pretty snazzy TCO15 t-shirt! Learn more and register here.
  • TCO16: The first stage of the TCO16 online competitions is complete! Give us a few weeks to finalize all the competitions and points and then we’ll announce the winners. Stay tuned because for the future stages we may have some extra prizes! Stage 2 is now underway, so good luck everyone!
  • The first edition of Topcoder Weekly has launched! Check it out here, and be sure to subscribe to this playlist for weekly updates from Nick Castillo ([h]nick.castillo[/h])!

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