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What's New at Topcoder: November 12, 2015

By bcwright In Uncategorized

Posted November 12th, 2015


The last few weeks have been a busy time for Topcoder: the website got some great new features and a bit of a face-lift, we’ve introduced a new guide for Topcoder beginners, and the biggest tournament of the year, the Topcoder Open, just concluded with four new champions for 2015!

Process & Platform Updates

  • Big changes to the Topcoder website are here. The new profiles, new dashboard and navigation updates are the biggest improvements you’ve been exploring for the last couple of weeks, and we hope you’re leaving feedback as you use these new features! Read more about each change in these series of blog posts linked above.
  • Learn more about Topcoder with our new Getting Started Guide! It was designed to give you context about how Topcoder works, how to get around as a member, and how to start competing. It’s tailor-made for the beginner, but it’s got updated information for all members – so check it out!

Community & Challenge Updates

  • The 2015 Topcoder Open has just concluded, and what an amazing tournament it was! Congratulations to our new Algorithm champion, [h]Petr[/h], our Marathon Match champion, [h]ACRush[/h], our Information Architecture champion, [h]f0rc0d3r[/h], and our Development champion, [h]Sky_[/h]! Read more here.
  • Did you miss the live TCO15 interviews? Check out the recordings here!
  • TCO16: We’ve extended TCO16 stage 3 and stage 4 by an extra month! Stage 2 is now underway, so good luck everyone!

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