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What does the TCO mean for your contests…

By mess In Uncategorized

Posted March 29th, 2010

The TCO 2010 online round has begun. You’ll notice some new banners and icons on the site. In terms of your contests, unless otherwise specified they will be included in the online qualifying rounds for the TCO. That means competitors have an additional incentive.

Bug Race Specifics

When you are creating new Bug Races be sure to set the TCO Points field on them like you did last year. If you don’t want it to be part of the TCO round for whatever reason, you have the option to set it to zero.

Since it is a required field, as you resolve existing Bug Races it will force you to set an amount. Set it to zero IF your Bug Race was posted prior to 9am EST today (March 29).

You have 3 point levels you can set – 10,20 or 30. Use your best judgment to determine the right setting that each Bug Race warrants.