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What a Fancy Dashboard – CAB Session #9 Recap

By talesforce In Uncategorized

Posted July 13th, 2015

One of the main topics of this meetings is the release of the new dashboard! It’s a good sensation to see how feedback is considered, we start to see more and more products released to help improve the community. We took time to evaluate the health of the items we’ve been working on so far and discussed about fun things to come.


1. Member Dashboard

The new member dashboard is ready! A first version has been rolled out. A live demo was performed to show the main features. It’s an interesting version; CAB and Topcoder staff will be collecting feedback to improve this initial stage. Feel free to join the conversation.

2. Topcoder Studio Checkpoint Policy Update

Studio has a new checkpoint policy starting from July 1st. Adam ([h]adroc[/h]) explained that checkpoint winner payments will be issued only if the designer submits for round two. This was widely discussed during the past month. Among other things, there have been more LUX challenges and there are more coming over.

3. Hackathons All the Way

Nick presented the exciting idea of featuring Hackathons in a more regular basis, besides TCOs. It’s an interesting concept having fun challenges that attract participation of members and interaction. It’s an outlet for new members to learn and have fun at the same time.

4. TCO News

The details of the finals are totally figured out right now. The Indonesia regional event details are about to be complete to spread the word, hopefully in two weeks there will be more solid information.

5. Marathons in Shape

There are scheduled SRMs and fun marathon matches to have fun until the end of the year at least. There are interesting plans for marathon matches, making some of them meaningful to the community by helping others (foundations, ONG, etc). The idea is still in early stage but it’s very promising.


1. Community needs to growth with tools to be educated faster about the Topcoder process

There is a noticeable growth in population but a concerning issue with the submissions content and format.

2. Topcoder website redesign

The Topcoder site is under redesign and we met two of Topcoder’s new product managers helping with this effort. There’s the curiosity if the design and development communities will be involved in this process, as usual.


We’ve put together a detailed breakdown of the whole meeting here in the respective CAB forum thread. Make sure to check these insightful notes to have very detailed information about what’s being discussed during these sessions.

As usual, we’ll be pleased to hear any ideas/thoughts you have about improving the community in any aspect. Free to read and write in the CAB dedicated forum. It’s for you!