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Welcome to CloudSpokes

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted February 14th, 2011

Welcome to CloudSpokes and thanks for joining us in the clouds! We are excited about the possibilities and the future of CloudSpokes. First and foremost, CloudSpokes will be a neutral community focusing on public cloud platforms and on our members. This community will not accomplish any of it’s goals with the support and participation of people like you.

The goals for CloudSpokes are simple and easy

  • Reward Members for great work
  • Recognize Members for contributions
  • Collaborate and educate ourselves and our members through working together.
  • Provide problems and work for the community

In order to accomplish our goals the site will feature

  • Collaboration tools – Forums, discussions, emails
  • Profiles — Badges, recommendations, statistics and other information
  • Competitions — Earn some money and recognition

If you don’t know the cloud now is a time to hop in and work on some public cloud projects. Companies are adopting public cloud at record speed, it might be the fastest growing IT trend yet! They will need people who are experienced in the Cloud to help them realize the true potential.

See you in the Clouds,


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