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Watson Pattern Explorer on Node RED

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted October 19th, 2015

We are introducing a great project called Watson Pattern Explorer based on the amazing Node RED engine. Node RED is a quick prototyping tool where we can wire together service components and many other things to assemble workflows in a WYSIWYG editor. We will be building upon Node RED to create a portal where Watson developers can make calls to different Watson services to process data and train models. The flexibility of Node RED fits perfectly with the nature of exploring machine learning patterns, but of course, Node RED could come in handy when you are dealing with other problems as well.

And the best news is, it’s only a few clicks away! You can spin up your own Node RED instance in IBM Bluemix, and get started on our open challenges, which will build out a proof-of-concept system for user to interact with initially, today!.

See the open challenges below.

IBM – SiBM Watson Pattern Explorer User Interface

IBM – SiBM Watson Pattern Explorer – Flow Configuration POC