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Topcoder Weekly: Video Update – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By cloudspokes In Community Stories

Posted December 18th, 2015

Hola Topcoders! As December’s foggy freeze grips some of us across the globe, the Topcoder Weekly video stays forever sunny with some amazing Topcoder news and updates!

This week’s episode comes to us from the lawn of the White House as U.S. President (or at least a somewhat decent impersonator of) Barack Obama joins TC Weekly!!! Crazy right?… Right???

Anyway, watch, learn, and be entertained below as we discuss:

  • It’s Topcoder CAB selection time! Learn how YOU can help by casting your vote!
  • Remember that awesome Star Wars themed Facebook contest? Yeah, we’re onto round 2 and looking for ‘force-filled’ designs – good luck!
  • Our favorite time of the month is here – It’s #MotM time! Who are the 4 Topcoder members of the month??? Watch the video to find out!

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