Topcoder Switches Data Science Tracks to Freemium Model

With the beginning of TCO Algorithm and Marathon Competitions fast approaching, we’ve been thinking about how we can offer Data Science competitors a better, more fulfilling and more satisfying experience. A freemium model will allow us to achieve this goal while providing extra revenue necessary for our expansion into IoT and self-driving car initiatives!

Premium access for the Marathon track:
– Dedicated testing virtual machines remove any limitations on submission frequency
– Detailed per-test-case information for full submissions
– Immersive interactive visualizer experience provided by leading experts in gaming industry
– 24 hour hot line for debugging assistance

In-round purchases for the Algorithm track:
During the online rounds of the TCO you will be able to purchase in-round goodies like skipping system tests that your solution fails and deflecting challenges aimed at your solutions – everything you need to get those precious extra points you need to truly impress everybody with your performance!

This offer is available for limited time, so hurry up and contact us for terms and pricing at

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