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Topcoder Open’s New Era – CAB Session #6 Recap

By talesforce In Uncategorized

Posted March 25th, 2015

As the title suggests, there comes a new era for TCO as we know it. The CAB Session #6 was focused on discussing changes to TCO15 and its format overall. Quite big changes are going to be made and we had the honor to receive an early brief of what this is about.


TCO15 Changes

Staff members [jwlms], [jmpld40] and [mnorouzi] introduced the new changes that are going to apply to the ongoing TCO. Among the most remarkable, we have:

  • This shorter meeting was focused on TCO only. Staff members presented the group of novelties for this TCO.
  • Since the changes are quite dramatic, the staff took time to explain the happenings, the whys and why not of these changes. As well as a glimpse of how future generations of TCOs are going to be like.
  • Each competition track execution and qualification is changing with the exception of marathon.
  • Initially, it was planned to cancel period 4 but CAB members strongly disagreed with this decision, which lead to a meaningful conversation and finally, reconsideration. Topcoder staff made changes to the overall TCO15 plan to be able to keep period 4. This was announced to us privately a few days after session #6.
  • There will be regional events in different locations around the world for the different tracks, trying to reach more community members and giving them access to meetup and have the opportunity to attend to these events.
  • We discussed about the methods to communicate these changes and their content.


There were a lot of questions and thoughts being privately discussed in the CAB team. We strongly suggest to read the full statement of the changes here in Jessie’s blog post (who is back from her maternity leave – welcome back!). In the meantime, we keep discussing and trying to be your voice in the best way we can. See the full recap here.