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Topcoder Members of the Month for October 2015

By cbonner In Community Stories

Posted October 13th, 2015

It’s time to announce our Members of the Month! Each month, members from our community are spotlighted for their accomplishments. Please congratulate the following winners for the month of October, winning for their accomplishments in August!


Dev Rookie: [h]WinkTales[/h]

Already won 2 challenges in his

short 2.5 month time with Topcoder


Design: [h]iamtong[/h]

Won $6500 in

design challenges


Development: [h]cjalmeida[/h]

Won $4500 in

development challenges


Algorithm: [h]islands[/h]

Advanced from Div 2 to Div 1

& total rating increase of 424 pts.

Learn more about some of our winners below, and be sure to congratulate all of the winners in this forum thread.

[h]cjalmeida[/h]: October’s Developer of the Month


How did you first get started with Topcoder? What was your “beginner” experience like?

A few months ago I decided to make a career change. My background is in business management and after a few years without coding I needed to update my development skills. I identified myself with Topcoder because we’re required to work on real world problems for great organizations like NASA, HP and IBM. As a beginner I struggled a bit to understand the Topcoder quality requirements and guidelines, but that’s easy to overcome.

What challenges have you been interested in lately, and why?

I generally prefer prototypes and code challenges where the sponsor is open to creativity. And also those challenges that allows me to explore new tools for interesting areas like Big Data, IoT and mobile development. Few places you’d have the opportunity to do real work, in a span of a few months, with stuff like HP Vertica analytical database, Ionic platform for hybrid mobile apps and Docker for automation testing.

Which industry (Financial, IT, Healthcare, Entertainment, etc.) do you have the most experience developing for both within Topcoder challenges and outside Topcoder?

From previous experiences, I’m well versed in Finance and Manufacturing. Outside Topcoder, I’m working on IoT/embedded applications for fleet management. Within Topcoder I took more challenges doing mobile frontend development, a few IT related projects and I participated in the NASA series on “Distributed Tolerant Network” challenges.

Tell us about your hometown or country. What’s the one thing a visitor should see if they traveled there?

I’m from Brazil, a big country as diverse as possible. For those wanting alternatives to Rio and beaches, I recommend visiting São Paulo. It’s a mega city made of migrants from Portugal, Spain, Japan, China, Italy, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon among other places. At a minimum, visitor have access to a world class cuisine (with fair prices!) and a vibrant nightlife.

[h]islands[/h]: October’s Algorithm Member of the Month


How did you first get started with Topcoder? What was your “beginner” experience like?

I first got started with Topcoder About 2 years ago. I got a zero when the first time I joined the SRM of DIV2, because I didn’t know what is the class.

You participated in all 3 SRMs in August, improving your rating in each for a total increase of 424 points (the largest of any member meeting those requirements), and also saw a jump from Div 2 to Div 1 in that process! What tips would you give other competitors who are trying to improve?

In the past 2 years, I often visited online judges to solve many problems, such as uva, uvalive, hduoj,etc, and often joined SRM. I got great progress from it.

What languages/platforms do you consider yourself to be really good at and why do you like those?

I’m good at c/c++,but I prefer java more,because java is very convenient.

Tell us about your hometown or country. What’s the one thing a visitor should see if they traveled there?

I come from Jingzhouof of hubei province of China, which is famous in “The romance of The Three Kingdoms.”