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Topcoder Marathon Match – Computational Oncology & Data Science – Update & Video

By cloudspokes In Uncategorized

Posted December 9th, 2015


Calling all algorithmists… all big thinkers, data scientists, and topcoder members!!! We have a great and important challenge for you.

Topcoder has teamed-up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation and we’re proud and excited to bring you the Prostate Cancer Foundation Stupski Prize in Prostate Cancer Computational Oncology Challenge 1. Sure, it may be a long name, but it’s a great and worthy challenge!

This Topcoder data science marathon match is focused on image analysis and we need your big brains to help create some big solutions to help solve what is truly, a big problem. Watch the short video for the details you need:

Registration will open and the challenge will launch on December 15th. Be sure to save the date by checking the Data Science Topcoder calendar. Also visit go.appirio.com/pcf for the latest updates.

From our partners at the Prostate Cancer Foundation and our team at Topcoder, thank you! We are excited to see how smart and impactful your solutions can be! Enjoy the challenge, have fun, and good luck competing!

Did you know we launched a fun and informative video series called Topcoder Weekly? Watch the latest episode and subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you never miss an opportunity to compete, learn, and win!