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Topcoder is excited to announce the first challenge in The Season of Big Data!

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Posted January 8th, 2015

Our friends at HP are sponsoring a series of challenges for Topcoder Community members to explore the concepts and technologies that drive Big Data. What is the Season of Big Data? It is an overlapping series of challenges that will escalate in complexity and include an introduction to Big Data Concepts:

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Completing Big Data related Tutorials
  • Big Data Toolkit development
  • Core database challenges

To kick-off the Season of Big Data we’re launching the first of two Scavenger Hunts:

Through a mix of fun and real world challenges, HP is inviting the TopCoder community to learn how to build the next generation of Big Data and analytics apps using the Haven OnDemand platform. We hope that the Season of Big Data series will be interesting, challenging, and rewarding for developers of all levels that are looking to gain valuable new skills and experience.

Both Beginners and Experts are invited to sign-up!

In the coming months, be sure to keep your eyes open for more challenges titled: Season of Big Data.