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Topcoder CAB On a Roll for 2015!

By cbonner In Community Stories

Posted August 31st, 2015

Each month, Topcoder staff and Topcoder members from the Topcoder Community Advisory Board (CAB) come together to share ideas and discuss issues the community faces as we continue to grow. It’s always enlightening and I am privileged to facilitate this meeting of the minds. Over the last 6 months, we’ve learned a lot about the community and we’ve shared a lot about Topcoder’s future plans.

Before I recap our progress, I want to express how valuable CAB has been in helping us personalize the community and get an “inside look” at topics we may have otherwise missed. As our teams have grown and roles have changed, CAB has been a go-to source for member perspective and they have given great feedback on many different topics. We’re so grateful to have this dedicated community advisory board.

Let’s take a look at the first half of 2015!


How CAB Helps Topcoder

Topcoder Community Advisory Board members have a special interest in the growth and health of Topcoder. They are the liaisons between the community and the Topcoder staff, focusing on these key activities:

  • Share ideas and requests from the community with key Topcoder staff
  • Give Topcoder staff feedback on upcoming features, process changes, etc
  • Help guide overall communications to the community about important changes
  • Direct members to the correct support channels
  • Engage and interact with members, especially in the CAB forum

Topcoder’s Commitment to CAB

Topcoder values CAB’s expertise with the community and strives to work with CAB to ensure the community’s needs are heard. With that in mind, we give CAB early access to new features, process changes and ideas, along with directly asking for feedback on many ideas and overall direction. Here are some of the bigger features/topics we presented to CAB from January through July.


It’s been a great first half and we look forward to our continued collaboration with CAB as the community grows!

Want to express your own ideas and get involved? Visit the CAB forum and start posting! And don’t forget to follow the CAB blog posts.