The SpaceNet Challenge: Chat with Experts – Live Event

This morning we held our live chat with the SpaceNet experts in preparation for the SpaceNet Challenge that begins on November 14th. In this challenge, Topcoder data scientists and algorithmists will be competing to create next-generation geospatial computer vision algorithms.

Topcoder’s own Jen Odess hosted this live chat, and even our members pitched in and asked questions that may help them—and you—in the upcoming challenge. To view the recording of this event, tune in by clicking “play” below!



SpaceNet Experts
Todd Bacastow – Digital Globe
Todd Stavish – CosmiQ Works: An IQT Lab
David Lindenbaum – CosmiQ Works: An IQT Lab
Patrick Hagerty – CosmiQ Works: An IQT Lab

Featured Sections
07:49 to 09:00 – Aid in Disaster Relief
17:48 to 19:53 – Open Source Code to Get You Started
50:28 to 53:23 – Describe Building Annotations and Ground Truth