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Thank You Jeff Douglas!

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted September 8th, 2015

Every day of my 3.5 year journey at Appirio, has been a day in which Jeff Douglas has only been an IM away from solving all of my problems. Today, things are different. While still technically only an IM away, Jeff Douglas begins his dream job of Trailhead Developer Advocate for our friends over at Salesforce.

For many of you, Jeff Douglas (or his blog) was an instrumental part of your programming careers. He may have been the sole reason you joined topcoder, or even picked up Salesforce development in the first place. And, let’s face it, you have probably borrowed some of his code at some point. It’s ok, he likes to share.

For me personally, Jeff was an instrumental part of my topcoder career as well. Whether it be co-hosting our member hangouts, brainstorming awesome apps we wanted to build, sharing our new favorite rap songs, yelling BLOGGG, or simply debating whether tank tops or t-shirts were better, our bracket bros connection was strong. My time spent with Jeff made me a better person, and in turn helped make topcoder a stronger community. Many of the features we all use and love today, were because of Jeff. His contributions to this community are countless, and will forever be a memento of his time building this great community and platform.

So it is definitely a sad day here at HQ knowing that Jeff no longer reps the brackets but instead that iconic little blue cloud. It is a good thing for all though. Not only does it let Jeff live his dream, it provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Salesforce community having one of our own infiltrated them. We will forever be fans and friends of Jeff, and have no doubts he will reciprocate.

As I wrap this post a million more memories of my time with Jeff are running through my head, bringing a smile to my face. So I ask you, to please join me in raising a glass in thanks, and pour some out for the homie Jeff. The man, the myth, the legend, Jeff Douglas: topcoder thanks you, loves you, and wishes you nothing but the best.

Thank you for all you have done, Jeff!

P.S. Although Jeff may be moving on to bigger and better things, we are in good hands. If you don’t already know Jeff’s counterpart Nick Castillo, take a moment to get to know Nick. He will be supporting the community as our evangelist, so take it easy on him…for now!