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TCO15 is Here with New Tracks and Online Period Champions!

By mcards13 In Uncategorized

Posted August 1st, 2014


I am excited to announce the beginning of the 2015 [topcoder] open. Ten years ago, I could not imagine what the TCO15 would be like and it definitely wasn’t on my radar! We sure have come a long way and I am so excited to see what the TCO15 brings.

Here are the highlights for TCO15:

  • We have new competition tracks: Information Architecture and Prototype! The complete list of tracks include Algorithm, Development, Information Architecture, Marathon, Prototype, and UI Design.
  • You do not need to register specifically for TCO in order to compete in the online rounds and become a finalist. If you compete in a TCO-eligible challenge, you will get TCO points.
  • If you win first place in a Period, you win extra cash and are considered an Online Champion!

    All tracks will compete live at the TCO15 onsite finals!

I’m sure you’ll have loads of questions and clarifications for us so please let us know your thoughts here in this forum.

TCO15 has started so let the online competition begin!