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TCO Regional, India: Top 3 apps

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted October 2nd, 2015

Topcoder Open, Regional concluded in Jaipur, India some time back and was called a runaway success by many. An instrumental part of this success was active involvement shown by over 400 Topcoder members who participated in hackathon and other technical events that took place on the day of TCO Regional.

TCO, Regional Hackathon saw participation from 94 teams. Of these, 9 top teams got a chance to display their apps on stage, share their approach and thought process with the jury. Let’s have a look at the winning apps from this hackathon.

Name: Let’s Fly

Team: corecoders – I Position

APIs: Instagram, Breezometer

Demo Video

This web app was named as “Let’s Fly” by team corecoders. It helps a person to decide his itinerary for a US trip keeping in mind health related factors. Team used “Breezometer” as environment related API. Angular JS was used to call API and fetch details from JSON object. Images of popular destinations of US were fetched from Instagram API. CSS styling was used to show transition on image hover event. When the user clicks on image, a web page opens, showing the full size image, location of image, Instagram likes and the country of origin. Through Breezometer API, user can also find Air Quality Index and brief description about the environmental conditions of place. A recommendation about the place also appears at the end of page. After using this app, a person can make alternate arrangements for the travel if weather conditions are not fine in that location.

Name: Wildfire

Team: bitshifters – II Position

APIs: Twilio, Reliefweb

Demo Video

Wildfire mobile app is designed to help a victim, his family members or a volunteer in case of an disaster like situation. Through Wildfire, a victim can spread awareness about the situation; a family member can reach him or a volunteer can assist the victims in that area. When a user, operates the app with the role of victim, then his location and its co-ordinates are messaged to all his contacts via SMS. This feature can be used as a measure of sending distress message on behalf of a person who is stuck in an emergency situation. Helpline nos of that region will also be provided to the victim. Along with this, he will have an option to view the related articles from the region. When user enters the app and assumes the role of family then distress message is sent to all the contacts informing them about the disaster location and other details. This way, if any of the contact is having information about the disaster, then they can share this with the family member as well. Also, emergency relief no of that disaster location is sent to victim though this app. For this, family member have to supply information like location, Victim’s name and phone no to the app. Apart from these two roles there is also a volunteer role in this app. User can find options like “Provide Assistance”, “Circulate Message” and “Jobs” in this role. If the volunteer is in the same location where disaster has happened then on clicking on “Provide Assistance” link he will be shown related articles link and helpline no. A volunteer can also circulate message about the disaster to his contact list. Lastly a job search button is provided for those who want to explore jobs in volunteership.

Name: Cool For Me

Team: CreativeAsHell

APIs: HP Idol on Demand, Breezometer

Demo Video

Cool For Me app comes with a customized solution for those who want to find out that whether a place’s air will be suitable for them, health wise or not. App decide this on the basis of person’s age and location details. A user uploads his picture and location where he wants to visit. HP Idol on Demand API will detect the age from the picture and Breezometer will share the recommendations on air quality of that place. Based upon the age of the user, he is told that whether the place is fit for him to travel or not and a brief recommendation is provided regarding the same. At result page, user is also given option to try another place and know whether the place’s air suits him or not.

We thank all the enthusiastic Topcoder members who participated in the series of technical events that were hosted during TCO Regional, India. We wish to meet you again in 2016. Till then keep learning and keep competing.