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#Swiftoberfest is Finally Here

By wwwtc In Uncategorized

Posted October 5th, 2015

The seasons are turning and new iOS challenges have arrived at Topcoder, which means that Swiftoberfest is finally here! Swiftoberfest is an initiative to help you win cash and fun prizes while sharpening your Swift/iOS skills through dozens of new design and development challenges.

Here’s how to participate in the action:

  1. Join the iOS Community by visiting ios.topcoder.com and clicking the blue Start Competing button to get your Participant badge. As you earn additional badges, you can track your progress on the Badges page.
  2. Learn about the leaderboard and prizes on the Swiftoberfest page. See the contest rules for complete details.
  3. Check out the resources on the Learn page for everything from Swift/iOS basics to advanced courses.
  4. Earn your Swift/iOS Ready! badge by completing a Show Your Skills challenge.
  5. Compete in challenges with [Swiftoberfest] in the title to earn leaderboard points. The first few customer app design challenges are live now, and the first Swiftoberfest app development challenges – as well as more design challenges – are coming soon.

Congratulations to the First T-Shirt Winners!

Be one of the first 200 members to earn the Swift/iOS Ready! badge and you’ll win our newest t-shirt, which was designed by a Topcoder member. Congratulations to these members for being the first to earn their badges and win shirts! Note that we’ll contact winners to get shirt sizes and delivery addresses once all 200 winners have been identified.

  • elkhawajah
  • kuhncj
  • mra
  • VTrulyaev
  • dpeck
  • BoygeniusDexter
  • N1k1tung
  • 15JBren
  • Belinskaya
  • jdsv650
  • muzehyun
  • twist295
  • Vit_Delit
  • Xiong.Hua.Ivory
  • adiwena23
  • goblin.nilgob
  • mhykol

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