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Studio Members Give Great Tips

By cbonner In Community Stories

Posted September 15th, 2013

Here at TopCoder Studio, we believe that our community is full of competition experts. You know the ins and outs of designing and submitting to a contest. So, we decided to tap into that knowledge and highlight it throughout Studio’s Help Center! Each of our Help Center topics now have a section dedicated completely to member “tips” from the community.

Read a Tip — Leave a Tip!
If you’re just starting out here in Studio, you could really benefit from these words of wisdom. Already a seasoned competitor? We bet you’ll still learn something new from one of your peers! If you read a tip that you think is important or that has taught you something new, click the “Helpful” button to show your appreciation to the member.

For example, see what the community has to say about submitting to a contest.

Maybe you’ve also got some helpful words of advice you’d like to share with your fellow competitors. What was the one thing you wish you would have known when you started out? Leave a tip in the relevant Help Center topic and we may publish it for all to see!

We know Studio is already one of the most helpful communities around, but as an extra incentive, if your tip gets enough “Helpful” points, you could win a Studio T-shirt!

Let us know what you think about this new feature. Join the discussion here.