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Skip the yard work and compete instead!

By will-price In Uncategorized

Posted April 9th, 2015


“I love doing yard work!”
… said no one ever

Keep that lawnmower in the shed this weekend and compete in some of these awesome topcoder challenges. There are a lot of great challenges to choose from but here are some interesting ones that I think you may want to take a peek at.

If PHP with Angular is your cup of tea, check out the SunShot series challenge AngularJS Yii Framework PHP Application to help build a system to automate tours and manage members for the National Solar Tour. In addition to the regular prize money, there’s also a bonus for passing submissions. Each participant that scores 80+ will receive a bonus regardless of whether they win.

If JavaScript is more to your liking, check out the MEAN Stack challenge for Chartjs Dashboard widgets. Your job is to take the clickable HTML prototype and mongoose data models and combine them into a working application using the MEAN stack. This challenge has the same bonus above plus payments out to 5th places!

And finally, we have a challenge for you gophers. We’ve been very pleased with the outcome for our first Omega Microservices challenges in Golang on Cassandra and we are kicking part #2 of this microservices API challenge. This series uses Docker (optionally) to help set up the Cassandra cluster. If you looking to play with Docker and docker-compose (formally fig) these challenges have some good supporting documentation and look to be very interesting. The challenge is still shaping up but should be finalized by late Friday.

Remember: yard work bad… competing in topcoder challenges good.