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SiBM Concluded – December Code Blitz Winners

By wwwtc In Community Stories

Posted January 14th, 2016

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation in the SiBM program over the past 6 months! We will be posting a blog with final program stats, and project case studies are being drafted (like ISEO – http://crowdsourcing.appirio.com/project-post/ibm-iseo/).

We are happy to announce the winners of the December Code Blitz. The December Code Blitz paid out $6000 in prizes!

Congrats to our top 3 developers: soso0574, billsedison, and Urmass; and top 3 designers: universo, DaraK, and irfanrosandi.

Now that you are familiar with Bluemix, use it to your advantage and participate in the active Bluemix projects that are continuing from IBM ifundIT and Watson! We also anticipate a lot of Bluemix projects this year from IBM and IBM’s customers.

Thank you and good luck!