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Releasing Brand New Studio 2.0

By talesforce In Community Stories

Posted August 8th, 2013

How often do you rearrange your bedroom? When was the last time you renewed your old pocket wallet? Eleanor Roosevelt said “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”, and that’s quite about right when you think in “new” as keyword. It’s good to have “new” things, it’s good to watch “new” things; in Studio we’re releasing a “new” look. A very deep and thoughtful branding process is being taken through this year, with the goal of representing the design community in an accurate way, to focus in the expertise areas.

For now, we are releasing a new logo design. The main goal with this special project (Studio branding) is to provide Studio with a fresh new look that represents digital design. We wanted to start with the foundation, the logo, which will then lead to a completely new look to TopCoder Design Studio. It’s interesting to know how this logo was built. It sounds easy “to build a logo” but in our case it was a quite thorough process.

The new logo is quite simple and dramatic. It’s based on using strong/elegant font treatment. At first sight it looks very strong/solid and represents “design” very well with that color palette. An important feature to notice is the usual TopCoder brackets; they’re no longer in the Studio logo.

The branding competitions started the past April. It took three contests (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and several revisions to create the new logo (plus hours of research and discussions). This is a proof of persistency, trying over and over until getting the desired results. The contests outputs were not wrong at all, it’s just about refining, adding more thoughts to the final results that change the trend. Sometimes it takes more than one contest to get the right result! As it could happen to anyone, we know what we wanted but we didn’t know how we wanted it; we knew that we wanted the community to inspire us and be creative. We wanted the community to show us what logo they would think would represent them. That’s why we took this seriously and went step by step. The final output is very satisfactory.

There were stunning submissions in all three contests. They community showed off their skills on each one of them. TopCoder Studio wants to congratulate to the main contributors for their efforts and high quality work, paulwaters23, flizz, w.design, elly.K, dr__zoidberg, oninkxronda, FxStudio and ngraphics.