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Real World Challenge – API Mashathon, with HP IDOL OnDemand

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Posted February 11th, 2015

Do you find yourself looking for brackets scattered among the letters in your breakfast cereal? Have you been noticing colons appearing in nature? Do you dream in JSON requests? If so, then we have the challenge for you. There is $4500 in prize money available as incentive to create an innovative application combining IDOL On Demand with one or more of the following API’s:

You can create any type of application or plug-in that you want in any language. We’re looking for innovative solutions that have real world business applications.

IDOL OnDemand is available to developers in an Early Access program, and they’re exposing the capabilities of HP IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer), the world’s leading on-premise human information processing engine, as a managed solution to deliver a broad selection of web services to developers.

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The true power of IDOL OnDemand is evident when you start to combine the APIs. Consume IDOL OnDemand Indexing APIs to index your unstructured data from social media, mobile devices, CMS, Google docs, Dropbox, email, SharePoint or other sources. Once indexed, analyze and augment your content, using IDOL OnDemand APIs such as Speech Recognition, OCR, Sentiment Analysis, Extract Entity, Face Detection, Barcode Recognition and Text Extraction. IDOL OnDemand’s Speech Recognition API now supports seven languages. Finally, leverage IDOL OnDemand Search APIs to find what you need and shine light on dark data with advanced search options such as Find Similar, Query Text Index, Find Facets, Clusters or Terms. Or you can develop a predictive model with IDOL OnDemand’s Train Prediction and Predict API’s.

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