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Ready For A New topcoder?

By wwwtc In Community Stories

Posted January 15th, 2014

I know it is a cliche, but I’ve always been a fan of the French proverb, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. In English, it translates to the more things change, the more they stay the same, and boy do we have a lot of change to kick off 2014 with the launch of the new topcoder! It is more than just a new facelift for topcoder. First you’ll notice the new logo. It was created in the design championship finals of the 2013 TopCoder Open, evolved by our design members and then finalized through a survey to all of you. You can read more about the evolution of the logo which started as part of last year’s TopCoder Open on our newly relaunched blog (subscribe to the blog in the right hand column).

You’ll also notice the intentional capitalization, or lack thereof of topcoder. We heard feedback that topcoder was not just about gladiatorial competition leaving only one person standing, but was about a pursuit for all of us to be at the top of our own capabilities and learning through the community. In addition, the new name is meant to be more inclusive to our members who are participating in design competitions.

As much as things are changing, like the French proverb states, our foundation, goals and core competencies are staying the same. We had a great year with some impressive stats across the combined community!

  • 600th SRM
  • 605,000+ Members joined the site
  • Impressive Marathon Matches like the Longeron Challenge
  • 152 different countries participated (150% increase from the previous year)
  • Combined CloudSpokes and topcoder member earnings were over $8,500,000
  • We built and deployed some cool apps like Mesh01’s wear test application (watch this cool video about the app)

Next year we’ll build on these great milestones and we have some real exciting news around the platform. Most importantly we are going to be building and rolling out a new HTML5 based Arena. Don’t worry if you love the current Arena. The existing Arena will still be used for all ratings based challenges for the foreseeable future, we just want a path to modernize it and make it easier to add the many enhancement requests we get. We are also going to be updating the forums. I’m sure our community must have a favorite forum software they’ve either used or participate in on another site. Please let us know!

If you are from CloudSpokes, we have also set up a welcome page to make the transition easier. You can find it over on the new site under Welcome CloudSpokers! Although we are retiring the CloudSpokes name, you will still see CloudSpokes-style competition formats and humor continue over to TopCoder. We’ll still be doing things such as our annual State of the Union and Valentine’s Day challenges plus a ton of more fun stuff. However, things will be different. There will be even more opportunities to compete in new and exciting technologies, more ways to be involved in the community, and more ways to earn money. We are confident that “more” is going to be better.

The one request we have of the community is please continue to give us as much feedback as possible through twitter, the forums or email us at support@topcoder.com. With 605K+ members, we know there will always be many opinions on how to do things. We’ll do our best to try to reflect in topcoder what the community cares most about – which is why we will keep asking through these unstructured formats and more detailed surveys on your opinion.

We want to hear more about what you want us to improve, add or even what to leave alone!

Looking forward to a great new year!