May 14, 2019 Quantum Computers as Cloud Service

Do you know real quantum computers are just few clicks away from you?

As discussed in previous blog posts, quantum computers are very sophisticated systems with  complex architecture. These system require a temperature as low as absolute zero in order to create an environment where real quantum effects can take place. As a result, one can see that companies working on this tech are going to provide access to these system as a cloud service only.

The two services/resources  that are available right now for everyone in the world are :

1. IBM Q Experience :

2. DWAVE Leap :

IBM Q Experience

IBM Q Experience is the interface to IBM quantum backends for students, researchers and other users to put quantum to work. IBM has several real quantum devices and simulators available for use through the cloud.

Circuit composer – tool to directly use quantum gates and operations to build a circuit and visualize its use in real time. It can be accessed from here.

Qiskit – a full stack open source programming framework to interface with quantum systems, it provides all the quantum development tools you need. Users can directly program with Qiskit notebooks powered by Jupyter notebooks. Details are here.

Tailored guides – They provide a rich documentation and tailored guides that are really useful for beginners and programmers. This user guide provides an excellent guide that covers the details of :

  1. Introducing the IBM Q Experience
  2. The weird and wonderful world of the Qubit
  3. Multiple Qubits, Gates and Entangled states
  4. Quantum Algorithms
  5. Quantum Error Correction


DWAVE leap allows you to jumpstart into application development on quantum computers.

The details of leap can be found here. It provides :  

  1. Free access: free, immediate access to a D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer
  2. Familiar software: Ocean software development kit (SDK) with suite of open source Python tools and templates
  3. Hands-on coding: interactive examples and Jupyter notebooks with live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text
  4. Learning resources: comprehensive live demos and educational resources
  5. Community support: community and technical forums for developer collaboration

IBM and DWAVE are two of the leading quantum computing companies. I have tried both the cloud services. They are an excellent resource to understand and learn about quantum computing in a hands-on way, try their available SDK, and create your own application on quantum computers.

If you would like me to blog more about these two services – let me know in the Topcoder forums.


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