June 16, 2016 Precision Medicine + Crowdsourcing: Expert Interview with the Broad Institute Discussing Connectivity Map

As we recently reported, beginning this past winter and running through spring 2017, Topcoder is hosting a series of data science and algorithm challenges to examine problems in Precision Medicine. These challenges are brought to our community by the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard University in collaboration with The Broad Institute, with funding from the Kraft Family Foundation.

As you may know, the first challenge in our series was tasked with developing a faster algorithm for DNA sequencing and wrapped up last month. Learn about the outstanding results of this crowdsourcing data science competition.

This week, we’re excited to announce the second challenge in the series. In this contest, our first of a series of Connectivity Map challenges, competitors will be asked to bring new ideas to improve solutions to the challenge of using 1000 landmark genes to infer the gene expression profile of the remaining 19,000 in the human genome.

To help you best prepare for this upcoming Topcoder Marathon Match, we recorded a deep dive session with two experts from the Broad Institute, Aravind Subramanian and Ted Natoli. We wanted to give you, our community members, the most opportunity possible to understand Connectivity Map. The domain knowledge shared by these experts could be very useful to you in the upcoming crowdsourcing data science challenge: Topcoder Marathon Match – CMAP1

The lively webinar canvasses topics and questions touching on:

  • What is CMAP or Connectivity Map and why is it an important element of Precision Medicine research?
  • What is the current, state of the art method for solving this problem, and how can it likely be improved?
  • How will scoring work in this upcoming Topcoder Marathon Match?

Please enjoy the recorded interview below and scroll below for the important details about this Topcoder challenge.

Important Topcoder Marathon Match Details

  • This match begins soon!
  • The total prize purse for this challenge is $20,000
  • You can pre-register right here
  • After the challenge goes live, you can register for the challenge here

We’d like to thank our partners at the Crowd Innovation Lab at Harvard, as well as the team from the Broad Institute for making time to share their expertise with you, our Topcoder community.

For all those who decide to compete in this exciting Precision Medicine data science crowdsourcing challenge, we wish you the best of luck !!! Thank you!


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