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Platform Update – New Site v1.1

By mess In Community Stories, Marketplace Updates

Posted February 25th, 2014

Phase 1 of the new topcoder site launched last month as you know. Phase 2 is still under construction and constant improvement. Here’s a quick update on the latest features and fixes getting us closer to v2.0 of the new site.

Looking for a Challenge?

Topcoder holds a lot of challenges in each of the three tracks (Design, Development and Data Science). We’re adding new tools and features to help you find and filter the challenges you are most interested in.

You’ll find detailed information in the new track “hubs.”

  • Challenge Type Icons: Hover over the icon in the challenge list for a quick look at what challenge type it is.
  • Advanced Searching: Filter by contest type, such as Mobile design or Coding Challenge. More features for this tool are coming soon!
  • TCO eligibility
  • The current phase (registration, submission, etc)
  • Number of current registrants
  • Number of current submissions

You can now also view information about past challenges. Races and Review Opportunities are coming soon.

Challenge Details:

Social media icons on the challenge page allow you to share via Facebook, Twitter and other avenues. Now you can show your friends what you’re working on, or invite your rivals to compete with you.

Member Profiles:

It’s a long road ahead for member profiles. What you see today should be considered “beta” to where they are headed in the coming months.

    • Data science is relatively complete
    • Development is showing some of the stats and rating history, past topcoder badges are also shown. Reliability is coming soon.
    • Design submissions and other fun info is coming soon!

We hope you’ll continue to give us feedback as we work toward creating a new experience for our community