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Topcoder Platform Updates for July 2014

By wwwtc In Community Stories, Marketplace Updates

Posted August 1st, 2014

July has been a busy month for us here at topcoder with 5 releases of new functionality for the platform. In addition to a bunch of small enhancements and bug fixes, here is a recap of some of the new major features that may be affecting you:

The first thing you should take a look at is your member profile page. We made significant improvements to the loading time of the profile pages; check out Pshyo’s for instance. There’s a lot going on inside the profiles but we performed some client-side magic to make the page load much faster!

We also made a number of tweaks and enhancements to the registration and login processes. It should now be much easier and straightforward to get started with topcoder. Take a look at the new Getting Started and Member Registration Thank You pages for example. We are quite happy with them.

We also delivered some improvements to the challenge process in general. We simplified the challenge terms flow by integrating DocuSign into the process and made some visual enhancements to the challenge page including a more pronounced status/phase and type.

The Coderbits guys are onboard and working hard on the integrations. We’ve migrated the new users and are working on profile enhancements. Definitely more to come.

Want to see where you stand in the ratings? The Top 10 leaderboard on Community page is now complete for Design, Development, and Data Science. W00t!

We also launched Code Your Way In where you can win a free ticket to TCO14 simply by solving an algorithm challenge. What you may not know is that Code Your Way In sits on top of our new web-based Arena architecture using node.js and socket.io. The UI for Code Your Way In is a much simplified version of the new Arena and, by design, doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles. However, we think it’s pretty slick.

Speaking of the Arena, we spent a lot of time this month working the kinks out of the new web-based Arena, including competition pages, dashboards and contest listing pages, contest pages (contest Info, room summary and division summary) and Broadcast and Chat. We’ve ran a couple of internal SRMs in the US and India and things went well. It’s an understatement to say that we are excited to roll out the new Arena. We have a lot of plans for it.

Those are the highlights for this month. More to come.