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Platform Update – April 18 Release

By will-price In Uncategorized

Posted April 18th, 2014

change-cat@jeffdonthemic – Jeff Douglas

Perhaps the biggest change to the [topcoder] platform this week is that submissions for development challenges and registration for design challenges no longer force you back to the old site. We are working to unify the UI with this section by section process so stay tuned for more changes. We also rolled out the same UI experience for /direct users as well.

Per our announcement a couple of weeks ago, we’ve also deprecated “bug races” in favor of “First2Finish” challenges. We are no longer launching First2Finish challenges from Jira and they have the same process flow as regular challenges. Did you hear that we are also offering double the TCO14 points for First2First challenges till 4/22?

We also implemented a number of fixes for site performance, login and challenge registration and submission processes. More changes coming to a browser near you!