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Platform Update – March 27 Release

By will-price In Uncategorized

Posted April 7th, 2014

@jeffdonthemic – Jeff Douglas

Last week we released some new platform features plus implemented a number of fixes. In no particular order here’s a brief overview of what was implemented.

Perhaps the biggest change is that the challenge registration process for Design and Development challenges no longer forces you back to the old site which results in a much better user experience. We are working on getting this functionality in place for Data Science challenges in the near future.

Public profiles are now available for Data and Development tracks and look super slick!

member profile

We also started a beta of our new Forums with SSO. The forums, http://talk.topcoder.com, are a work in progress but we’d love your feedback.

We squashed a number of small UI and functionality bug and also fixed some intermittent 404 errors associated with WordPress. This was a little trickier than we expected since we had to deal with our provider and their resources.

We also worked on streamling and enhancing the registration process and participation for challenges in general. We fixed some issue pertaining to the current state of the registration button based upon the status of the current user, agreeing to the terms of service and being redirected to the correct pages after various actions. We have more streamlining to do but this is a good start.